Fall Prevention at Night

Tips to Prevent Falls at Home During the Night

It’s important to prevent falls. But as we age, balance declines, especially in the dark. Nearly two-thirds of older adults get out of bed to visit the bathroom two or more nights per week. Answering nature’s call shouldn’t be dangerous.

The Mayo Clinic recently posted tips for preventing falls. You can read the full article, or here is a quick summary of the fall prevention tips we think are most important for aging adults who get out of bed during the night.

Reduce Risks

  • Keep walkways clear of trip hazards – boxes, books, cords, plants, etc.
  • Secure loose rugs with double-sided tape or remove them altogether.
  • Repair loose wooden floorboards and carpeting right away.
  • Keep needed items within easy reach.

Light Your Path

  • Place night lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallways.
  • Put a lamp where you can reach it before getting out of bed.
  • Install glow-in-the-dark or illuminated light switches.
  • Avoid going up or down stairs in the dark.
  • Store flashlights in easy-to-find places.

Use Assistive Devices

Even if you don’t always use a cane or walker during the day, it may be a good idea to use balancing help at night. Other assistive devices can help, too:

  • Hand rails for both sides of stairways
  • Nonslip treads for bare-wood steps
  • A raised toilet seat or one with armrests

If balance is a problem, an occupational therapist can help brainstorm other fall-prevention strategies. Some solutions are easy and inexpensive. Others may require professional help. If cost is a concern, remember that an investment in fall prevention is an investment in independence.

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