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Did you ever notice how most of us take our hands for granted? We rely on the strength of our hand muscles to remove jar lids, hold telephone handsets, and turn doorknobs. But for the aging or disabled, these kinds of ordinary activities can become obstacles to everyday living.

Health conditions do not need to limit daily activity

For example, the limitations that arthritis often causes can be frustrating and discouraging. Fifty million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sadly, many of these sufferers simply begin avoiding certain tasks and activities because they “just can’t do it.” Their quality of life can decline as they gradually forfeit their independence.

Other illnesses and conditions can create similar limitations. Stroke sufferers may lose some of their fine motor skills. Injuries to the hand or arm can cause permanent loss of feeling in the fingers. Neurological disorders can make it nearly impossible to curl the hand into a fist or grip an object.

The E-Z Open Grip Mitt can help

Assistive products, sometimes called adaptive living aids, can help preserve a person’s independence and improve quality of life. Our E-Z Open Grip Mitt is just one example of a product that helps overcome limitations caused by loss of hand muscle control or strength. It’s soft, flexible, and washable. It’s heat proof – you can even use it as an oven mitt! You can choose your favorite from among five different colors.

Whether it’s you or a loved one who needs help with simple tasks that require more hand strength than you can muster, consider a purchase of an assistive product to reclaim some of the independence you may have felt was permanently lost.

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