New Juvo Self-Assist Toilet Aid with Caddy

A toilet aid is a product that helps people with limited mobility to perform the wiping or toileting function.

Juvo's NEW Self-Assist Toilet Aid with Caddy. Hygienic - Ergonomic - Innovative

Juvo’s NEW Self-Assist Toilet Aid with Caddy

The truth is there are many basic toileting aids and wiping wands on the market. Unlike any basic model, the Juvo Self-Assist Toilet Aid with Caddy is the premier bathroom assistance tool, with a full-range of uncommon features designed to make life in the bathroom easier for anyone with limited mobility or range of motion.

Juvo Products is in a continual state of research to learn how to make better, more effective products for their users. Juvo understands the needs of people who are mobility-restricted in the bathroom and has improved upon the already successful Self-Assist Toilet Aid by adding a caddy feature, which increases the level of sanitation and is a respectful, dignified holder for the Toilet Aid.

Hygienic   –   Ergonomic   –   Innovative

Customers like that the Juvo Toilet Aid has a soft ergonomic handle that fits any size hand. They also like the added features of two release buttons to make the used toilet paper easy to release when either wiping from the front or back. Occupational Therapists who work with mobility-challenged patients say that the Juvo Toilet Aid is thoughtfully designed to fill the exact needs of their patients. They think the grasp and release features are easy to use and very functional. They think the product is very useful to help people wipe their bottom independently. They like that the wand comes with an optional caddy so that along with its seamless design, the product is extremely easy to keep clean and store near the toilet.

There is an easy-squeeze trigger that locks in place so you don’t have to continually apply squeezing pressure. To load, simply ball up two-three pieces of toilet tissue and insert between the tips with most of the tissue sticking out the top.  Squeeze gently on the trigger handle to lock the toilet paper in place.  The tissue releases after wiping from two positions on the Self-Assist Toilet Aid, to facilitate use from the front and the back.  Full instructions are included.

The Self-Assist Toilet Aid is designed to work with both toilet paper and wet wipes.

To better understand how to to install and discharge toilet paper, and how to wipe with this simple toilet wand, watch the product video: [youtube]

Clean the product with mild soapy water.
The new and improved Juvo toilet aid can be purchased online at several popular retailers. Click here to buy now or learn more.

Juvo products is dedicated to helping people be more self-sufficient in and around their own homes.

Juvo creates and markets smart product solutions that empower individuals with limited mobility and related physical restrictions to freely carry out their daily activities.

The Juvo Products company goal is to provide assistive products of superior design, usefulness and value.

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