The number of hip and knee replacement surgeries is skyrocketing. The number exceeded 1,000,000 procedures in the U.S. in 2012 and is expected to exceed 4,000,000 by 2030, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

People recovering from hip, knee, back surgery are typically immobile, with physical restrictions and require the use of wheelchairs or other medical devices for weeks, even months.

To aid in the recovery process, Juvo has introduced the Surgery Recovery Kit, sometimes referred to as a “Hip Kit.”


The Surgery Recovery Kit includes five products specifically designed to aid people with varying levels of immobility and/or recovering from hip, knee or back surgery. The mobility-aid tools are designed to help the recovering patient or anyone with impaired mobility be more self-sufficient in their daily activities.

Juvo consults with staff Occupational Therapists who work with impaired mobility patients on a daily basis. Their input and consultation were central to the design of these products and to the need for a Surgery Recovery Kit.

The five products include:

  • 20″ Reacher – to retrieve objects without having to stoop, bend or move from a seated position.  The Reacher has an easy-squeeze handle and rubberized jaws that pick up, retrieve even the smallest objects.


  • Dressing Aid / Shoehorn – a long-handle mobility aid that facilitates dressing, putting on shoes.  The Dressing Aid end helps pull on and push off articles of clothing like shirt, blouse, jacket, pants without having to bend, reach or stoop. The Shoehorn helps put on, take off shoes.


  • Long-Handle Bathing Wand – a 22″ long, curved shower, bath accessory with loofah. The patent-pending Bathing Wand has a textured, no-slip handle that is contoured to help reach hard-to-get to spots. This long-handle tool helps with bathing, showering without having to bend, stoop or reach.


  • Deluxe Sock-Aid – it is exceedingly difficult for mobility-impaired, often wheelchair bound, individuals recovering from hip, knee, back surgery to bend or move in general. The Deluxe Sock-Aid is an ingenious device that allows a person to put on, take off socks without help, making them more self-sufficient.  (Watch video for instructions.)


  • Elastic Shoelaces – Tying and untying shoes becomes impossible when recovering from this kind of surgery.  Elastic shoelaces allow a person to tie their everyday shoes once with these expanding shoelaces and then put them on, take them off repeatedly with aid of a shoehorn.  This avoids the need to bend or stoop.


The new Juvo Surgery Recovery Kit  in invaluable in helping people recover from Hip, Knee or Back surgery or anyone with limited mobility.

Juvo products is dedicated to helping people be more self-sufficient in and around their own homes.

Juvo creates and markets smart product solutions that empower individuals with limited mobility and related physical restrictions to freely carry out their daily activities.

The Juvo Products company goal is to provide assistive products of superior design, usefulness and value.

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