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juv.o (verb, latin)  juvo, juvare, juvi, jutus

To help, assist, aid, support, serve, further; please, delight, gratify.

Juvo Products is dedicated to helping people with physical restrictions be more self-sufficient in and around their own homes.
Juvo creates and markets smart product solutions that empower individuals with limited mobility to freely carry out their daily activities.
The Juvo Products company goal is to provide assistive products of superior design, usefulness and value.

A recent AARP study claims that 90% of seniors wish to stay in their own homes as they age; often referred to as the “Aging in Place” trend. Juvo continuously studies the needs of people with varied mobility challenges and the way these restrictions impact their daily living activities at home.  We consider this a company responsibility.

Understanding needs starts with listening as people assess what works, what doesn’t work and how their lives are affected by mobility issues as well as other conditions and ailments.

Juvo designers and engineers talk directly to people who have mobility challenges to better understand how their conditions limit daily functions, and then look to create products that might help them be more independent.

Juvo products are created based on a continuous learning process about what the customer needs, wants, likes and dislikes in both a clinical and at-home setting.

Many companies in the industry buy ready-made products from factories in Asia. Juvo takes a different approach. Juvo designs and produces its own innovative mobility aids. The process starts with assessing a particular mobility-related issue or challenge. From there Juvo designers and engineers start to sketch and draw two-dimensional renderings of possible product solutions.

Testing and more research with actual patients results in refined drawings and ultimately in a refined design direction. The end of this process is a unique new product based on the specific needs uncovered in the initial research. This is a continuous cycle so that Juvo can continue to develop innovative new product solutions for the growing home health care industry.

The definition for the word Juvo, in Latin, means to help, assist, aid and serve, but it also means to delight and please. The Juvo Products mission is to create products that do all of these things.

Each Juvo product solves a specific problem present for someone with a mobility-related challenge.  Extensive and ongoing consumer research into the needs of seniors and people with mild disabilities has opened the eyes and minds of the Juvo Products development team to a new level of product + solution potential. The Juvo Products mission is to be the innovative leader in a full-scale selection of mobility aid, daily living aid and safety products for the home.

Since its inception in 2011 Juvo has brought more than 30 products to the market, each time solving a specific mobility need with both high-end style and superior function. Juvo will continue to look at the marketplace and develop new products that help people be more self-sufficient, less reliant on others in their daily functions.


The Juvo Team

Juvo’s founder and President Park Owens has made a career out of understanding customer needs and meeting those needs with innovative new product solutions. Prior to starting Juvo, Park worked for several consumer product companies in leadership positions, focused on Marketing, Sales, General Management in the U.S. and abroad.  Park’s focus is on Sales and Customers, expanding Juvo’s position in the marketplace.

Doug Ramsdale – Doug serves Juvo in the capacity of non-executive Chairman.  He brings a wealth of international and domestic experience building companies. He has held a number of executive level positions for large and small consumer goods companies across several industries and retail channels.  Doug will be instrumental in helping to guide Juvo’s growth.

Kathy Smigiel – Kathy started her career as a Process Engineer and transitioned into business management and finance after completing her MBA.  As Operations Manager, Kathy manages “the books” and oversees inventory and vendor management as well as forecasting.

Frank Pecora – has extensive sales experience across a number of consumer product related channels.  His proven leadership and knowledge are well suited to guide Juvo’s rapid growth as National Sales Manager.  Frank will lead the Juvo sales effort and determine necessary steps to manage growth and surpass customer expectations.

Joanne Cooney – Joanne is the consummate marketing professional with substantial product development, marketing experience across several consumer product channels.  As Marketing Manager, she will focus on working with our customers and developing next generation product solutions for Juvo.

Lainie Mercurio – Lainie worked for United Airlines in Customer Service for 20 years.  She now serves as Juvo’s Office Manager, constantly interacting with vendors, customers and dealing with the daily needs of the company.

Juvo’s home health care and mobility products are sold through retail and online stores, and through distributors in the U.S., Canada and select European and Asian markets.