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Balance and Mobility Products

Balance and Mobility are reduced through aging, surgery and physical restrictions. A person’s ability to get around on his/her own can diminish over time. Juvo creates and markets smart product solutions that empower individuals with limited mobility to freely carry out their daily activities and live with confidence to do things on their own. Juvo’s Balance & Mobility products provide walking support, enhanced safety and peace of mind against issues like fear of falling.


The Juvo Balance & Mobility products include the Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip – Floral, Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip – Checked, Travel Seat + Cane and  Premium Cane Tip. More products will soon be added to this category. Stay tuned.


Inventive and useful balance and mobility products of superior quality and design. Canes and cane tips, cane chairs and more.