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Carrying Products

Juvo thoughtfully designed carrying products to complement every popular walking aid and the related challenges that come with needing a place for essential items when hands are being used in their operation. With a complete line of walker totes, cane bags and crutch accessories, Juvo has you covered when it comes to having a place to organize your keys, sunglasses, medicines, phones, and other daily essential items when using a cane, rollator, walker, wheelchair, or crutches.


Juvo simplifies the use of mobility equipment by providing products that keep items secure and out of the way, providing you enhanced mobility, and peace of mind. Everything you need for the day travels with you in a bag that attaches easily to your walking device. For cane users, Juvo created the Cane Caddy which attaches right on the cane. The Universal Mobility Tote and Personal Mobility Tote were created specifically for walker and rollator users, and the Crutch Caddy Plus was designed specifically for crutch use. Each bag attaches easily to the walking device and has secure pouches for important carrying needs. Juvo also created a Freedom Hip Pack for any mobility aid user to strap around their waist and carry items safe and secure on their body without using hands, shoulders or pockets.


Juvo Products has carrying bags and totes that attach to any type of mobility aid such as a walker or crutches, to keep personal items, safe, secure and easy to access.