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Opening Products

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent conditions faced by Americans. It can severely limit what a person can and can’t do for themselves, especially if they live alone. “I need help opening things” is a common request from people consulted in Juvo Products’ research. Arthritis, weak hands and small hands are all conditions that make it hard to open jars, bottles, medicine containers and even door knobs for many people. This keeps people from being self sufficient. If you are suffering from arthritis, weak grip or inflammation, a little extra help in the kitchen and around the home can go a long way towards independence.



Juvo Products created a comfortable, ergonomic, kitchen and all-around tool, the silicone E-Z Open Grip Claw to help with the most common opening needs. More products will soon be added to this category. Stay tuned.

Products to help people with arthritis or weak grip open doors, bottles, jars and more.