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Surgery Recovery Products

500,000 knee replacements and 250,000 hip replacements are performed each year in the U.S. and these numbers are expected to rise sharply in the next 20-30 years with the rapidly aging demographic in the U.S. population. These surgeries, as well as other health conditions, can severely limit a person’s mobility. After surgery one can potentially face not being able to bathe, bend at the waist, reach arms over their head or get dressed on their own.

Juvo Products has packaged several of the most useful post-op tools to help someone recover from hip. knee or back surgery in an innovative Surgery Recovery Kit. Typically referred to as a “hip kit” this collection of must-have items to have at home after surgery include a reacher, the Juvo Dressing Aid/Shoehorn, the Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand, a deluxe sock aid, and elastic shoelaces. Juvo Products also offers a Self-Assist Toilet Aid with Caddy for those who need help going to the bathroom following a surgery.

A “hip kit” like Juvo’s Surgery Recovery Kit is often prescribed for patients recovering from back, hip, knee or other surgeries in their own homes.