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Toileting Products

Going to the bathroom should be simple. It’s a daily need we all wish to keep private. Juvo knows that for those with limited mobility, the simple daily task of going to the bathroom has challenges. Juvo solves that problem and allows you to keep your dignity with a premium, ergonomic, innovative toileting tool.

The hygienic Juvo Self-Assist Toilet Aid is a wand that helps you wipe, with a long reach that is comfortable and easy to use. It is specifically designed to be used from the front and the back depending on the level of immobility or limited range of motion. Consult your physician or Occupational Therapist before use. Juvo also offers the Toilet Aid with Caddy with a sanitary holder, or caddy, for the toileting wand. Succeed in the bathroom by yourself with a limited amount of turning, reaching or bending.

An angled toilet wand with modern features to make going to the bathroom easier for someone with limited reach.