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Understanding Mobility Needs, Thoughtful Design and Innovative Solutions

Juvo is dedicated to helping people overcome mobility and safety-related challenges in their daily lives.

High-quality product line

Juvo Products creates innovative mobility aids to help people with limited mobility live dignified, independent lives.  Juvo’s popular line of home health care products are high-quality and cutting edge. Juvo does not just distribute products already on the market. Compassionate concern and innovative design goes into each Juvo tailor-made reaching device, carrying case, toileting tool, bathing tool, dressing aid, etc. to bring sturdy, ergonomic, adaptive products that solve a broad range of mobility needs. Juvo creates home health care and mobility products that look good, solve needs and help you live independently.

Thoughtful Design

Juvo employs occupational therapists to better understand the needs of those living with mobility challenges, and how caretakers use mobility aids for balance, dressing, bathing, walking assistance and other needs. Juvo’s mission is to satisfy the needs of this marketplace with thoughtful solutions that work. The goal of the Juvo innovative design and engineering teams is to create ergonomic, respectful products that promote living safely, remove the fear of falling, and make you feel great about using them to make your living environment safer and your lives better.

Juvo knows that people prefer to grow old and recover from surgery in the comfort of their own homes. You can equip your home with the same tools used in a clinical setting by your occupational therapists, nurses and health care providers with the Juvo product line.

People who have restricted range of movement, arthritis, are recovering from hip, back or shoulder surgery face very specific challenges. The Juvo Products research team has “been there” by putting themselves in the place of the user to learn new ways to go to the bathroom, shower or bathe and get dressed. If you’re in this situation, you don’t take for granted how important it is to perform daily living tasks such as walking, balancing, grooming, self care, getting dressed, and reaching things high on a shelf. Simple things in life become hazardous, and keeping you safe, making your life easier and as normal as possible is what Juvo is all about.

Juvo Products solve every mobility challenge

  • Juvo provides balance tools for walking support, and carrying solutions to make those balance tools functional, fashionable and fun to use.
  • Mobility concerns are a consideration for every product brought to market by Juvo Products, to allow independent living in the face of physical challenges whether they are post-surgical, arthritis, aging, or impairment.
  • When opening a jar, reaching, getting dressed, bathing, going to the toilet becomes harder than it should be, Juvo puts tools in your hand that make it easier than it was before, saving you from having to call someone else for simple tasks of daily living.
  • Safety is at the forefront of the Juvo Products creation process, with goals to eliminate discomfort while performing daily tasks, and ease fears of falling.
  • The Juvo Product line is all about aging in place, maintaining independence, dignity and self-respect while providing solutions to live safely in your own home.
  • The gift of independence
  • Juvo products are popular as senior gifts, get well presents and must-have surgery recovery tools.
  • Juvo Products can be purchased at many fine online retailers and in stores where mobility aids and home health care products are sold.