Crutch Caddy Plus

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A stylish carrying bag for your personal items when using crutches.

Product Description

Using crutches is difficult enough. Figuring out where to put personal items like keys, cell phones and spare glasses when arms and hands are occupied with the crutches is a greater challenge. Juvo Products offers a high-quality functional tote called Crutch Caddy Plus that attaches to your crutches to save the day and solve the problem of needing an extra set of hands when you have to walk with crutches.

Thoughtful Design

Juvo works with occupational therapists to understand the needs of ambulation patients when using crutches. Crutch users continually say that they would like a place for essential items when using crutches, and that they would like to add fashion and flair to their crutches to make them more fun. Juvo listened and then created a stylish crutch bag that would easily attach to crutches, and is simple to use.

For additional comfort while using Crutches, see Juvo Crutch Cushions.

What it Does

Did you ever wish your crutch had pockets? With the Crutch Caddy Plus, your wish is granted. This attractive crutch accessory fits all standard crutches. The caddy keeps your daily essentials close at hand. There is room to spare for your cell phone, wallet, medicines, spare glasses and keys — all the little things crutch users may need during the day.

If you are looking for the perfect Get Well Soon gift for someone on crutches, the Juvo Crutch Caddy Plus is the useful solution. This product simply makes people’s lives easier while on crutches. Combine the Juvo Crutch Caddy Plus with Juvo Crutch Cushions for the comprehensive crutch-user solution.

  • A truly useful crutch accessory to hold all your daily essentials.
  • Universal fit attaches in seconds with velcro straps and a quick snap.
  • One deep main compartment with a smaller front pocket.
  • Fits on crutch in two locations: connected to under-arm pad or hand pad - your choice.
  • Available in stylish Sport pattern: red trim on black ripstop nylon material.
  • Matching Crutch Cushions available.
  • Dimensions: 10” high x 6.25” wide x 2.5” deep.

Q: What will it hold?

A: Juvo designers tested many different sizes before settling on the ideal bag size for crutches. The challenge was to provide ample carryall space without weighing down the crutches, and Juvo created just that. The Juvo Crutch Caddy Plus will hold keys, cell phone, wallet, spare glasses, medication, light reading material and other items.

Q: How easy is the bag to attach to the crutch?

A: Very simple. Installation takes five seconds. The two straps can attach to the crutch in one of two positions of the crutch user’s choice:

  • Position One – take underarm foam pad off the top of the crutch.  Attach two straps over underarm bar and snap in place.  Replace underarm foam pad. 
  • Position Two – attach two straps over hand bar pad and snap in place.  Use velcro strap at bottom of Crutch Caddy Plus to wrap around Crutch. This keeps the Crutch Caddy Plus tote secure on the crutch so the bag will not sway.
Q: What material is the tote made from?

A: Ripstop nylon and polyester.

1 review for Crutch Caddy Plus

  1. Dani
    5 out of 5

    Life Saver. Great for phones.
    Must have for anyone on crutches!
    This is perfect, it holds everything I need while on crutches. It holds my phone, debit/credit cards, cash, keys, and there is still a lot of room left. It has made my life on crutches much easier. It is well worth the money.

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