Crutch Cushions


Crutches are uncomfortable. Make them comfortable with Juvo Crutch Cushions. Extra padding protects arms and hands providing extra comfort at all crutch contact areas.

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Product Description

Soft, fleece-lined, high-density foam cushions for the crutch hand bar and under-arm bar provide significant improvement in comfort over standard crutch padding. Juvo Crutch Cushions include one pair of padded cushions for the hand bars and one pair of padded cushions for the under-arm bars, in your choice of color.

Thoughtful Design

While crutches have a history of being uncomfortable, little has changed in crutch design to make them more modern or comfortable. Juvo employs occupational therapists that help them understand needs of people using crutches for ambulation, gait training and walking assistance after a bone break, injury or surgery, and listened well as people described discomfort under arms and on hands.

Juvo Products introduced this designer set of high-quality crutch pads as the solution to sore hands and sore under-arms for crutch users. People cannot avoid using crutches but they can be a lot more comfortable, with less skin and muscle irritation with Juvo Crutch Cushions.

The material used in the Juvo Crutch Cushions design promotes good grip on the crutches to give you good traction on your hands and armpits, and is also breathable to absorb perspiration in both areas.

What They Do

Juvo’s full line of crutch accessories are easy to fasten, and give a softer, more beautiful personal look to your crutches. These designer crutch covers are designed exactly in conjunction with the Crutch Caddy tote bag that attaches to the crutches, so you can have a full set of functional design on your crutches by combining both crutch products. Juvo Crutch Cushions are stain-resistant and hand-washable to keep you looking good for as long as you need to use crutches.

Crutch Caddy sold separately.

Who needs the Juvo Crutch Cushions?

If you are looking for the perfect Get Well Soon gift for someone on crutches, the designer Juvo Crutch Cushions will be the one gift someone who hurt their leg, had knee surgery or needs crutches for any other reason will love. Combine with other great products like the Juvo Crutch Caddy Plus or Freedom Hip Pack.

  • Universal fit covers fit over standard crutch pads with simple hook and loop fasteners
  • Hand washable, color-fast material
  • Available in Sport, Fashion – black, red or tan –  colors
  • Crutch Cushions have matching Crutch Caddies available
  • One pair of under-arm covers and one pair of hand-bar covers included


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