Dressing Aid / Shoehorn


A simple, elegant tool to help people with limited mobility get dressed by themselves and be independent!

Product Description

The Juvo Dressing Aid / Shoehorn is two products in one. The creatively-designed hooked-top end of the dressing tool pushes and pulls clothing into place, while the cupped lower end serves as a shoehorn on a stick. This long-handled mobility aid was designed by Juvo occupational therapists to help people with limited mobility or range of arm and body motion to get dressed by themselves.

Thoughtful Design

The Juvo Dressing Aid/Shoehorn was developed by Juvo designers, engineers and occupational therapists to solve specific dressing needs for those in a wheelchair or recovering from hip, knee or back surgery.

The Juvo collective design team studied the challenges of people in wheelchairs with limited mobility from surgery or poor physical condition. Empathy research exercises were done to emulate and simulate the conditions of people trying to get dressed from a wheelchair or in a seated position. Juvo’s occupational therapists provided additional direct input from their twenty years of experience helping people in this situation. The result is two long-handle tools in one, designed from scratch by Juvo. The Dressing Aid/Shoehorn has an attractive ergonomic design, is made of high-quality materials, and is something people find fun and helpful to have around.

What It Does

  • This state-of-the-art long-handle tool allows the user to reach and put on articles of clothing with ease from a sitting position, greatly compensating for limited mobility. This in turn provides a sense of dignity and self-reliance.
  • The curved Dressing Aid head has distinctive push and pull tapered ends. The push end helps push off a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. The pull, or hook end, helps pull up a pair of pants or pull on a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket.
  • The hooked end of the 25” tool is also useful to reach items and pull them closer for someone in a seated position such as pushing and pulling drawers, doors, and wheelchairs, retrieving clothing from the floor, closet or shelf, and turning light switches on and off. 
  • The curved Shoehorn in conjunction with the Dressing Aid, helps with putting on and taking off shoes and socks.
  • The Dressing Aid/Shoehorn is part of Juvo’s Surgery Recovery kit, also known as a “hip kit” along with the Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand, and other useful products that help you put on clothes.

Watch Product Video for additional information and instructions.

Who should buy the Juvo Dressing Aid / Shoehorn

This product is a solution for anyone who could use help getting dressed.

Ideal for anyone with restricted mobility such as those in a wheelchair, recovering from hip, knee or back surgery, anyone who can’t bend at the hip, lift one or both arms, lean, reach or twist comfortably.

  • Dressing Aid and Shoehorn in one convenient product
  • Convenient eyelet to hang product on a hook in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
  • Sturdy fiber-reinforced ABS plastic provides the right amount of rigidity with a little flex
  • 25” length extends reach, helps pull objects closer together
  • Dressing Aid head has push end to push clothing off like shirt, blouse, sweater, jacket and pull end to pull up pants or pull on shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket
  • Soft, rubberized textured handle helps people with arthritis, weak grip
  • Silicone textured Dressing Aid Head adds tackiness to help with hooking, pulling on clothing
  • Designed by Juvo’s designers, engineers and occupational therapists as a dressing solution for a growing number of people with limited mobility and range of motion

Q: What are the hooks for at the end of the Dressing Aid?

A: The hooked ends of the dressing tool are for pushing and pulling items of clothing on and off. The hook end tapered toward the shaft helps hook and pull items toward the user. The hooked end has a tacky silicone surface to make better contact with the item being retrieved.  Occupational therapists teach their clients to use this end to hook a shirt, blouse, sweater or pair of pants and bring them closer. The 25” length of the Juvo Dressing Aid/Shoehorn helps compensate for limited upper body mobility.

The hook end tapered away from the shaft is primarily used to push items of clothing off when getting undressed, i.e. shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. 

Q: Why is this product 25” long?

A: This long-handle tool was specifically designed to help people with limited mobility get dressed, typically from a seated position, often in a wheelchair.

Standard wheelchairs have a seat height of 19”. The Juvo Dressing Aid / Shoehorn at 25” provides the maximum reach for a person sitting down without being too heavy or unwieldy. The Juvo Dressing Aid/Shoehorn is lightweight, durable and has a tacky, rubberized co-molded grip that fits any size hand.


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