Long Handle Bathing Wand

The NEW Patent-Pending Long-Handle Bathing Wand is specifically designed to make bathing easier for people with limited mobility and limited range of motion as result of injury, surgery or other restrictive physical condition.

Product Description

This is not your average sponge on a stick.

The Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand was developed by Juvo’s designers, engineers and occupational therapists specifically to help people who have limited mobility and range of motion bathe themselves without having to bend or stoop over. This in turn provides a sense of dignity and self-reliance.

People with limited mobility typically cannot bend from the hip, cannot raise one or both arms and must remain seated much of the time. This ergonomic bathing wand has:

  • 22” length extends reach, gets to tough-to-reach spots without bending, stooping
  • Simple patent-pending replacement loofah system
  • Cost savings — you only need to replace the loofah
  • Soft-textured, contoured handle that is easy to grip in the shower
  • Storage loop for hanging convenience
  • A bathing solution for a growing number of people with limited mobility, limited range of motion

Thoughful Design

Juvo studies the needs of people with limited mobility as result of accident, surgery or other physical condition and how limited mobility can impact daily living functions like bathing. Many people have limited ability to bend from the waist or move their arms or shoulders based on injury or condition. This can make bathing a chore. The Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand has been specifically designed with these people in mind.

 The Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand has a patent-pending “Pop-in, Pop-Out” replacement loofah system. Rather than throwing the whole sponge on a stick out when the sponge wears out, just pop out the old standard size loofah and pop in a new one. Instructions come with the packaging.

Watch Product Video for additional information and instructions.

  • 22” contoured handle to reach hard-to-get-to spots
  • Soft-textured handle to make gripping easier in bath or shower
  • Sturdy fiber-reinforced ABS plastic provides the right amount of rigidity with a little flex
  • Convenient eyelet to hang in shower, bathroom


  • Length 25”
  • Weight .7 lbs.
  • Carton Quantity 12


  1. To replace loofah – first use thumb to push old loofah out through the ring at the top of the product.
  2. Buy a new standard size loofah available at virtually any drugstore, mass retailer or online store.
  3. Loofah – find the middle of the loofah with hands. The loofah is tied together in the middle with a piece of nylon string.
  4. Use hands and thumb to push one-half of new loofah through the loofah ring at top of product. Center the loofah through the ring so that one half is on either side of the ring, with the loofah’s nylon string in the middle. Watch instructional video for more details

Q:How do you replace the loofah?

A: Instructions come with the product on the packaging.  Please also refer to the instructional video on this page.  Step 1 – push the old loofah out through the loop at the top of the Long-Handle Bathing Wand with thumb. Step 2 - loofahs have a middle, where it is tied with a piece of nylon. Find the middle of the loofah with your hands. Push one-half of the loofah through the loop at the top of the Long-Handle Bathing Wand with thumb. Step 3 – center the loofah through the loop so that one half is sticking out each side. The loofah is now secure.

Q: Why is the bathing wand 22” long?

A: Most sponge sticks are not designed for people with mobility challenges or limited range of motion.  By researching this specific audience, Juvo designers, engineers and occupational therapists determined this to be the optimum length to help reach hard-to-get-to spots without having to bend or stoop.

Q: Why a loofah vs. a sponge?

A: Sponges can collect bacteria, get moldy and generally wear out more quickly than loofahs. The general focus was to have a simple replacement system. Unlike all other sponge-stick products, the Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand does not have to be thrown out when the loofah wears out. Simply pop the old one out and pop a new one in. This is more hygienic, more environmentally friendly, and has better design and value.


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