Premium Cane Tip

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Superior cane tip and cane stand in one!

Product Description

Upgrade your cane’s performance!

The stability-enhancing Premium Cane Tip replaces your old cane tip and installs in seconds. It provides three distinct benefits to improve walking confidence and balance:

  • Stability
    The patented, extra-wide cane-supporting base has more than three times the surface area of an ordinary cane tip, improving stability on uneven surfaces like sidewalks, sand or grass.
  • Cane Stands Upright By Itself
    No more bending over to constantly pick up your cane or looking for a place to “hang” the cane on a coat hook or table end.  With the Juvo Premium Cane Tip, your cane stands upright by itself, always nearby, when not in use.
  • Traction
    The active traction design, dual-polymer materials and wide base provide significantly more traction than an ordinary cane tip.

Thoughtful Design

Cane users want more and Juvo delivers: a superior replacement cane tip with better traction and stability for walking, standing and balance. As an additional benefit, the cane is self-standing when not in use. Juvo studied cane users and asked them how a cane and a cane tip could be improved. The primary request was that cane users want a place to put the cane when not in use. Typically the cane leans against a wall or hooks on the back of chairs where it can easily fall or trip someone.

Ideally, cane users said that they would like to keep their cane within reach so it is there when they need it. Another request was that cane users would like a wider, more stable base on their cane.  Juvo shared this input directly with their engineer and design teams when creating this balance-solving mobility aid. They created a cane tip with dual-rubberized material to provide a sturdy support system, but also a non-slip functional gripping base that works well on all surfaces.  The active-traction design and wider base of the Juvo Premium Cane Tip provide superior stability and traction to a standard cane tip.

What it Does

  • Provides superior traction and stability on any surface vs. a standard cane tip
  • Cane Stand – cane stands upright when not in use
  • A superior replacement cane tip and Cane Stand in one

Who needs the Juvo Premium Cane Tip?

The Standing Cane Tip is the perfect product for anyone who needs extra balance, better stability AND a cane stand in one product solution.

  • Fits any standard 3/4” or 7/8” diameter cane (most canes sold have ¾” diameter shafts)
  • Installs in seconds– pull off old cane tip. Insert cane shaft into Juvo Premium Cane Tip. Tap down several times to ensure a secure connection.
  • Superior traction and stability to a normal cane tip
  • Cane Stand and premium replacement cane tip in one

Q: Why is it so big?

A: The size of the Juvo Cane Tip provides two important benefits.  First, the Juvo Premium Cane Tip has over 3x the surface area of a normal cane tip. More surface area contacting the ground equals more traction and more stability for the cane user. Second, the width of the base allows the cane to stand up by itself when not in use.

Q: What size canes will it fit?

A: Approx. 90% of canes sold have a 3/4” or 7/8” diameter. The Juvo Premium Cane Tip fits both sizes.

Q: How easy is it to install, replace old cane tip?

A: Replacing your standard cane tip with the Juvo Premium Cane Tip takes approximately 10-20 seconds. Simply pull the old cane tip off the cane. Insert your cane bottom into the new Premium Cane Tip. Tap it down several times to ensure that the cane is fully inserted into the Premium Cane Tip.

9 reviews for Premium Cane Tip

  1. Julia
    5 out of 5

    This is so much better than a quad cane! the tips of a quad cane can wear unevenly causing the cane to be wobbly and this can cause a fall. This cane tip remains flat to the ground and stable throughout the gait cycle. As a Physical Therapist I really like that extra stability for my patients.

  2. HapsCaps
    5 out of 5

    I am back to buy another one. I was about to try another kind of tip until I thought of all the usage I got from this model.

  3. Mary
    5 out of 5

    I got the Juvo Standing Cane Tip for my mom. The first day we used it to walk on uneven ground at an outdoor concert. The cane stands up very easily even on grass and the flexible tip makes it easy to walk on any surface. My mom is going to show this off to all her friends at the senior center! Thanks for designing such a great product!

  4. Susan
    5 out of 5

    I bought this for stability on the beach, and was very pleased with the results. Although it did wash off in the surf the first day (it could not have been securely placed), I never felt the cane sink in the sand.
    I never took it off the whole vacation and had the bonus of the cane standing alone when I needed to use my hands for shopping, etc. I will add that my condition does not require constant use of a cane, but too much activity makes me want to use it. I felt perfectly safe while using it.

  5. Batou
    5 out of 5

    I don’t have the problem of my cane tip sinking in the sandy soil here anymore, but I do hear “why do you have a plunger on there” about 5 times a day. It does kind of look like a plunger from the top, but it works great so when people ask I just give them the Doctor Who “EXTERMINATE” and wave the cane around. They go away after that, which is exactly what I want people that ask those questions to do.

  6. Garman H
    5 out of 5

    I have a dirt/gravel path to walk up and down every day and this is more than fantastic for that. But when I meet people in town I have to joke that it’s a snow-tire for my cane as it’s rather bulky and obvious.

  7. Pleasant
    5 out of 5

    Love cane tip. Keeps my cane from falling on the floor. Overall it’s an excellent product.

  8. Mad4U
    5 out of 5

    Does the trick. I was pleasantly surprised by this product, as it actually performs as advertised. It’s reliable on a variety of surfaces, and my husband is pleased since he no longer struggles to pick up his cane since his hip replacement surgery, and I have peace of mind. It’s a win/win!

  9. Impressed07
    5 out of 5

    Fantastic product! I purchased this a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with the product! So easy to install. It doesn’t slide, grips so nice to wood floor and tile. Stands up great on carpet. Thank you, Walgreens! I finally found the perfect cane tip.

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