Reacher 20″

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The Reacher 20” is a patented product solution to help reach and retrieve objects safely without having to bend, stoop or use stools or ladders.

Product Description

The Reacher 20” is a hand-held tool that extends reach by 20”. Items can be safely retrieved from a shelf, cabinet, table or floor. This reacher grabber allows people to be more self-sufficient in their daily activites. Use of a reaching tool can reduce or remove the risk falling from a ladder or slipping off a stepstool, and improve the ability to live independently for many people who have limited mobility.

Thoughtful Design

Every aspect of the Juvo Reacher 20”design has comfort and ease of use in mind. The handle dimension fits any size hand. The handle is very easy to squeeze which in turn activates the reacher grabber’s jaw. Juvo designed the E-Z Squeeze Handle specifically to make it easy and simple for people with small hands and weak grip. The E-Z Squeeze Handle also has a patented trigger-lock to relieve pain or cramping. This trigger-lock allows the user to retrieve an item without having to constantly squeeze the handle. This unique feature is convenient for people with arthritis or weak grip. The jaw of the Juvo Reacher 20” will retrieve an object up to 3.5” in diameter. The rubberized teeth of the jaw will pick up very small objects as well as larger ones. The tip of the jaw includes a “dressing horn”, as an added feature to help people who are immobile get dressed. The dressing horn can hook socks, or pants and be used to pull them up. The shaft of the Juvo Reacher 20” even includes a soft comfort grip for safer two-handed reaching and retrieving. The reacher comes with a storage loop so that it can be hung from a hook or the handle of a wheelchair or rollator when not in use.

What It Does

Extend, grab, and enjoy. The Reacher 20” is a product solution and tool all in one that helps people carry out the simple daily activity of reaching without assistance. It helps people with limited mobility and limited range of motion reach and retrieve items safely and retain their independence in their own home.

Juvo’s Reacher comes in two sizes; 20” and 32”, for a variety of reaching needs.

Juvo Reachers are top-selling products for seniors, those suffering from arthritis or anyone who needs a little assistance around the home.

  • Soft rubber jaws open to 3.5”
  • E-Z Squeeze Handle fits any size hand, is easy to squeeze even for those with arthritis or weak grip
  • A second comfort handle facilitates two-handed reaching
  • 5 lbs. maximum lifting capacity
  • Dressing hook or horn at tip helps retrieve, pull on shoes, socks, or pants
  • Patented trigger lock eliminates need for constant grip

Q: Which is more popular the 20” Reacher or the 32” Reacher?

A: Juvo sells almost equal the number of 20” Reachers as 32” Reachers. For people confined to a wheelchair or transport chair and/or use the Reacher from a seated position, the shorter length is more popular. The 32” Reacher is a value in that it provides 12” more reach for very little increase in cost.

Q: What is the purpose of the “trigger lock”?

A: In product research, many people complained that they had arthritis and that it was hard to squeeze and/or hold. Juvo solved for this condition two ways. First, the E-Z Squeeze Handle is soft and very easy to squeeze for any size hand. Second, the trigger lock on the handle allows the user to squeeze down on an item to retrieve it and then let go, or stop squeezing. The jaw then stays locked in place on the item. This is a more comfortable solution for users with arthritis or weak grip.

Q.  What is the maximum weight of an object that can be retrieved with the Reacher?

A.   The Reacher is designed to retrieve objects up to 5 lbs.  Always use both hands on the Reacher when retrieving an object.

6 reviews for Reacher 20″

  1. D. Egan
    1 out of 5

    My local medical supply company has reachers that cost 10.00 more but don’t have the innovative design and durability of the Juvo product.

  2. GrandpaRoj
    5 out of 5

    My wife and I are well into our 70s. This type of grabber has really been wonderful for use in the shop and home. I use it for getting my tools back on the hooks and my wife uses it for rearranging plants. The handle is really easy to squeeze which is nice for my arthritis. Best one we’ve owned. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous
    5 out of 5

    My Grandmother says she uses the Juvo Reacher almost everyday and absolutely loves it. I’m going to buy more as gifts! Thanks!

  4. ALG
    5 out of 5

    I sent a Reacher to my 73 year old very petite mom and she loves it.

  5. Jim Bruhl
    5 out of 5

    The Reacher I gave my wife has come in “handy” so many times, most recently when she inadvertently dropped her car keys into the 3-1/2 ft. tall recycling cart, where they promptly went to the bottom, too far for her arm. Thanks to the ingenious thumb-and-forefinger-like action of the Reacher, it retrieved the keys as easily as if she’d reached them with her hand. Nice design.

  6. Amy K.
    5 out of 5

    This is a great product. Very lightweight. Comfortable grip. I have arthritis.

This helps me reach things safely in my kitchen.

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