Surgery Recovery Kit


A tool kit for people recovering from hip, knee or back surgery who are immobile and need help with bathing, dressing and reaching.

Product Description

Juvo’s new Surgery Recovery Kit, also know as a “hip kit”, provides a combined set of the most useful tools for people recovering from hip, knee, back surgery or who simply have limited mobility.

What it Does

People recovering from hip, knee or back surgery typically are confined to a wheelchair, have very limited mobility and need specific tools to help them reach, dress and bathe themselves.

A hip kit is often prescribed by physicians or occupational therapists following hip, knee or back surgery to aid in the recovery process and help people function independently at home.

The Juvo Surgery Recovery Kit is a new product with five useful tools:

  1. 20” Reacher to retrieve objects without having to stand or lift arms.
  2. New Juvo Dressing Aid/Shoehorn to help people get dressed.
  3. New Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand to help with bathing. 
  4. Sock Aid to help put on and pull up a pair of socks without assistance.
  5. Elastic Shoelaces so that shoes can be laced once, put on and removed with a shoehorn without having to continually bend, stoop, untie and retie the shoes.

Consult your physician or occupational therapist before using.

A full instruction sheet is provided.

Thoughtful Design

Juvo designers, engineers and occupational therapists designed this solution to provide specific solutions to mobility needs for those recovering from hip, knee or back surgery. Each product solves a specific problem from not being able to reach, to not being able to bathe, to put on a shirt or to get dressed without help.

Watch Product Video for additional information, instructions.

  • Reacher is 20” long with easy-squeeze handle and rubberized jaws.  The reaching, grabbing tool can retrieve objects up to 4” in diameter.
  • Dressing Aid / Shoehorn is two products in one. This 25” long-handle tool features a Dressing Aid Head on one end and a shoehorn on the other end.  The Dressing Aid Head is specifically designed to help people push off and pull on clothing. The 25” length significantly aids reaching without a person having to bend or stoop.
  • The Long-Handle Bathing Wand is also a long-handle tool developed specifically for those with limited mobility or range of motion. It is 22” long with a texturized, contoured handle to reach hard-to-clean areas.  It comes with a patent-pending Replacement Loofah System for improved hygiene and cleanliness.
  • The Terry Cloth Sock Aid is a simple way to help a person with limited mobility to put on his/her socks without bending or stooping.  Instructions are included with the Surgery Recovery Kit and in the Product Video on this page.
  • 32” Elastic Shoelaces help someone put on shoes when they are in a wheelchair, or immobilized from hip, knee or back surgery.  The shoelaces can be applied to the shoes once, then tied. The shoes can then be easily put on and off with aid of a Shoehorn. The elastic shoelaces expand and contract allowing the foot to slide in and out without needing to tie and untie.

Q:  How do you use a Sock Aid?

A:  First, slide a sock over the terry cloth sock aid. Second, from a seated position, place the sock aid on the ground in front of you, holding on to the nylon handles. Third, guide the sock aid over the foot, ankle and slowly pull the sock aid upward slowly using the nylon handles. You will be thrilled at the amazing convenience and results provided from this product. For best results, please watch the Sock Aid instructional video provided on this page. Full printed instructions also come in the Surgery Recover Kit box.

Q:  What is an elastic shoelace?

A:   Elastic shoelaces allow a person to tie laced shoes once and only once and then slip them on and off using a shoehorn. The elastic allows the shoelace and shoe to expand and contract. A person with limited mobility who may be in a wheelchair can therefore put on and  take off tie-shoes with relative ease using a shoehorn without bending or stooping to tie the laces.

Q:   What if I have a question about using one or more of these products?

A:   You should first consult with your doctor. You may also ask a question of Juvo and our occupational therapists. Contact us at and we will provide an answer with 24-48 hours.


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