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A fashionable cane with upgraded performance at a great price. Premium height-adjustable cane and premium cane tip in one.

Product Description

  1. This stylish walking tool has a classic floral pattern designed especially for female cane users.
  2. The shaft of the cane is height adjustable to fit women of any height. 
  3. The cane comes with the Juvo Premium Cane Tip, which offers superior traction and stability to an ordinary cane tip, plus a cane stand all in one product.

Thoughtful Design

Juvo designed this very popular, functional walking tool to help people with their mobility and balance in a stylish way. Juvo considers it their mission to provide useful, dignified products that help people overcome mobility issues, and this superior balance tool does all that and more.

What It Does

The height-adjustable cane helps with balance support while walking. The Premium Cane Tip feature provides better stability and traction while walking than an ordinary cane tip. The Premium Cane Tip is also functions as a useful cane stand. The Ultra Cane stands upright by itself when not in use. This feature is invaluable for the cane user. The cane is always by your side when you need it. No more leaning the cane up against the wall only to have it fall. Or hooking it on the side of the table and posing a trip hazard. The Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip provides peace of mind for anyone who uses a cane for walking assistance.

Who needs the Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip?

  • The Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip with fashionable floral pattern is the perfect cane for someone who needs walking assistance, but wants to do so with a classy, designer, high-quality product.

Why the Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip is superior to other canes on the market

  • The Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip – Floral has a classy floral pattern especially for women who like to accessorize, for the same price or less than any standard cane.
  • The Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip is a high quality, height-adjustable cane to provide custom fit.
  • What sets the Juvo Ultra Cane apart from all others is the Juvo Premium Cane Tip. Standard cane tips wear out with use. Understanding this concern, Juvo designed a superior, sturdier cane tip called the Premium Cane Tip. Similar to upgrading your car’s tires for better performance, the Premium Cane Tip provides superior traction and stability across different surfaces than an ordinary cane tip, and is a cane stand as well. The Ultra Cane stands upright when not in use for peace-of-mind for the user. The Ultra Cane is always by your side.
  • The Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip is significantly less expensive than the As-Seen-On-TV “Hurrycane®”, but has the same features.

  • Cane has comfortable foam handle and carrying strap
  • Cane is height adjustable from 31"- 40" to fit any height, with push button and sleeve lock for added security
  • Chip and fade resistant floral-patterned finish
  • Off-set design applies weight directly over cane for superior balance and control
  • 275 lb. weight capacity
  • Premium Cane Tip provides superior stability, traction on all surfaces plus a cane stand – cane stands upright when not in use

Q:  How do I determine the right height for my adjustable cane?

A:  You should always start by consulting your doctor or occupational or physical therapist.  Those experts have the most direct knowledge of balance-related conditions, and can therefore do the best job of fitting.

In general you can measure the distance between the floor next to your heel, wearing your everyday shoes, and your wrist, standing straight. This distance in inches is a good general approximation for the height in inches of a cane.

Again, Juvo recommends that you consult your physician or occupational, physical therapist for exact fit. There are many situations where this standard fitting model may be adjusted.

Q:  What does the term “offset cane” mean?

A:  Standard canes have a handle section that forms a 90-degree angle connecting to the shaft. An offset design cane has an intentional curve which positions the handle directly over the shaft. This relationship with the handle and the load-bearing weight directly over the shaft provides optimal ergonomic stability for the user. The Juvo Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip is an offset design cane.

Q: Why do cane tips wear out?

A:  A good analogy for the wear on a cane tip is tires for a car. Cane tips, like tires, are made from rubber and rubber-like materials. These relatively soft materials provide traction and friction between the cane tip and ground for safety. Two main factors contribute to the cane tip ultimately wearing out. First, the cane tip is made from a soft rubber-like material, which wears down when in constant contact with cement, asphalt, wood, other floor surfaces. Second, there is a significant amount of load-bearing pressure put on a cane and cane tip when the user is walking. This downward pressure is another stress factor that ultimately puts wear on the cane tip.

Q:  What is the Hurrycane®?

A.  The Hurrycane® is an as-seen-on-TV product that combines a standing cane tip with a standard cane. It sells between $69.95 and $39.95 depending on the promotion.

It uses a standard style handle, not an offset handle. It is height adjustable like the Juvo Ultracane with Premium Cane Tip. It has a wide-base cane tip that stands the cane upright when not in use, like the Juvo product.

Q:  Why is the Premium Cane Tip on the Ultra Cane so big?

A: The size provides two important benefits. First, the Juvo Premium Cane Tip has over 3x the surface area of a normal cane tip. More surface area contacting the ground means more traction and stability for the cane user. Second, the wide base allows the cane to stand up by itself when not in use.

Q: How easy is it to install or replace an old cane tip?

A: Replacing a Juvo Premium Cane Tip takes approximately 10-20 seconds. Simply pull the old cane tip off the cane. Insert the cane into the new Premium Cane Tip, and tap it down several times to ensure that the cane is fully inserted into the Premium Cane Tip.

The Premium Cane Tip comes already installed with the Juvo Ultra Cane products.

1 review for Ultra Cane with Premium Cane Tip – Floral

  1. Ethel L. Schubert
    5 out of 5

    I have used this cane for about 2 months now and its the best decision I’ve ever made. It has given me increased confidence when I walk and consequently much greater mobility. The premium tip adapts to any surface and slope and allows the cane to stand upright, out of the way, yet ready for me to access whether I am sitting or in bed.
    While I was originally embarrassed to carry a cane, the sleek floral design has made me the envy of my friends.
    I should have gotten this years ago.

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