Two Innovative Products in One Provide Double Solutions

Flashlights on pens. Can openers on pocket knives. Cup holders on… everything. Inventors have often conceived ways to give you multiple functions on one handy tool.

Juvo does the same for people with mobility challenges by constantly assessing the marketplace to conceive mobility tool combinations that make everyday functions easier.

A shoehorn and dressing aid in one to become a multi-function dressing tool.  Sure the original shoehorn design was useful… but not for someone who can’t reach.

A seat on a cane. Cane users or those that need a little balance support sometimes need to take a break. And now they can…. anytime anywhere with the Juvo Travel Seat + Cane.  Balance support and a temporary seat in one.A cane is a useful tool for those who need stability and walking support. But cane stands are not always readily available. Juvo created a cane stand that also functions as a premium cane tip.  As a cane tip it provides superior traction and stability vs. an ordinary cane tip and it stands upright by itself on a flat surface when not in use.

Motion Sensor Safety Light and Flashlight.  Juvo’s new Motion Sensor Safety Light turns on and off automatically when motion is detected within 15 feet.  The perfect solution for dark hallways or night time trips to the bathroom.  The bright beacon of light helps avoid trips and falls.  The same product works in manual mode as a flashlight, perfect for the bedside table.

Two products in one!  Simple elegant solutions from Juvo that make everyday functions a little easier and safer.

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